MYR to IDR Forecast: up to 3426.700! Ringgit to Rupiah ...

Psa: you can buy star credits for the battlepass outside the game.

Open disclosure, i am not promoting these shops or am affiliated with them. Im just sharing based on my knowledge after buying the battle pass for me and my girlfriend as we play together.
As the battlepass is only 428 SC, and the minimum SC to buy ingame is 565 SC, you end up spendig 11-11.5USD (15 singapore dollars!) and wasting 25% of those freaking SC, because you cant buy jack shit with the leftover 100ish SCs unless you topup further. (Netease and its incompetent business models...)
Ive found two main methods to mitigate this.
The first is to buy from Gamers Mall SEA . You can buy a smaller increment of SC, the perfect number is 435 for 10.5 sgd. This is actually 9.82 sgd plus 0.81 sgd transaction fee for using paypal. You only waste 7 SC to buy the 428 battlepass. You also get to finally claim the free cap america, marvel, and scarlet witch along with the recharge incentives.
Savings: This works out to 18 cents USD per SC. The ingame cost,fyi, is 19.6 cents USD so a decent 8-9% discount. (Sg guys forgive my USD conversions but hoping to let our bros from rest of sea understand easier)
However to me this is absolutely worth it because
  1. You dont have leftover unusable SC
  2. The 8% discount will increase if you buy more amounts, im sure if you buy 20 odd dollars worth, you probably save closer to 12%-15%
For Singapore gamers i have another potential but not tested hack, using malaysian ringgit. Fyi, singapore, indonesia and thailand gamers get a extra surcharge compared to other sea gamers. For 565 credits, we pay 11-11.50 usd equivalent (15sgd/349 thb/150k rupiah).
Our friends from Malaysian, Philippines pay 9.8 usd (40my499php) so more than 10% less!
The hack is using, and simply choosing to pay in malaysian ringgit visa. At the myr price, we pay only 40 ringgit or 13ish sgd instead of 15. The 1odd dollar sounds small but again is a 10% difference that you can use to... buy a cup of kopi? Lol. The rate is close enough at 17ish USD cents per SC, though i admit that forex conversions charges using credit card will probably bump it to 18 cents per SC in the end. Still cheaper than ingame.
Of the two methods, i find the first one with GMSEA is better anyway as you dont need to try to play forex conversions, and you only need enough for the battlepass. Nonetheless both are still cheaper than ingame purchases in both absolute amount ( buying the minimum needed for battlepass) or proportionally (more SC for less spend).
Hope this was helpful!
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Trading ?! Jutaan rupiah dari internet..?ini dia

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